Multiplayer gaming on handhelds has taken off big time in Japan, with the likes of Capcom's Monster Hunter proving hugely popular. But what of the MMO; is such an experience possible on a handheld?

At E3 last week we caught up with Hiromichi Tanaka, senior vice president of software at Square Enix, and asked if he thought Final Fantasy Online could ever appear on handhelds.

"Yes, I believe it's definitely possible," said Tanaka. "The DS and PSP both have networking systems implemented, so it's definitely do-able."

He added: "The CPU of mobile consoles are much lower spec compared to other consoles, or even to PC, so that could be a difficulty if you want to simply transfer a console-based MMO onto a mobile machine. But if it's built specifically for DS or PSP that's definitely possible, even on the current technology."

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