A deal struck up with EMI Music UK will give PSP owners the ability to download music videos directly to the handheld. The entire library of EMI Music UK music videos will be available to download, priced between £1.89 and £2.19 for each video.

"This deal will give consumers of the PSP format access to videos from EMI Music UK's rich back catalogue, generating incremental sales for our artists," said Graeme Rogan, commercial manager of digital media for EMI Music UK.

The Nintendo DS has become the handheld gaming platform of choice and the PSP is quickly becoming a concern for publishers and Sony alike. Despite the negativity surrounding the PSP, Bela Molnar, MD of HiFi Entertainment (the company offering EMI content), believes that there is still a place for the flagging handheld.

"The quick downturn of the UMD market has left many of the big believers of the format disappointed, including us," said Molnar. "We knew that the PSP market is huge, but it needed a different platform to provide content to users."

All involved will be hoping that the digital delivery of music videos proves more successful than the aforementioned UMD format.