Majesco have announced Advent Shadow, a PSP game expanding the story of their yet to be released Advent Rising (part of the Advent Trilogy). The game, set for release in 2005 attempts to bring a cinematic experience to the powerful handheld.

"The technical capabilities of the PSP system allow us to deliver to a handheld device, the cinematic experience that embodies the Advent Trilogy," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "We believe Advent Shadow being one of the first offerings for the PSP system gives us an advantage to succeed and grow with the platform."

Written and directed by the creators of the Advent Trilogy, the same themes have been used, expanding on sub-plots, while making the gameplay ideal for a handheld platform.

We will have more on the game as it becomes available. Further information on the Advent Trilogy can be found at the official website.