Once Human devs release multiple-character creation following community backlash

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UPDATE: Starry Studio has decided to release multiple-character creation early following a wave of criticism from its player base. However, it is worth noting that the Once Human dev team had originally planned to release this feature at some point in August “because the experience wasn’t up to snuff,” so you may experience a few issues with the current version.

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ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: Opening day for Starry Studio’s latest survival shooter, Once Human, has gone smoothly so far, and now some players are discovering a major issue with its character creation. Instead of allowing you to create multiple characters you can use to access different servers, it only lets you make one. And since the game doesn’t let you delete characters, you also have to select your server carefully because you will be locked into the one you choose until August 2024.

That’s according to an announcement from a community admin following Once Human’s launch. Their statement (shared through the official Discord server) said, “Be aware [when choosing] your server! Due to some tech issues, you can only create one character, and you can not delete your character. This means if you choose the wrong server, you can not switch to any other servers with your current account.” You can check out the full post, which we’ve captured, below.

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In addition, the Once Human official release FAQ added, “After joining a server, you will not be able to create a character on any other server.” However, Starry Studio is planning “to provide support for multiple characters per account in August 2024,” which means you’ll have to wait if you want to experience both Once Human PvP and PvE servers simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the devs haven’t specified an exact release date for multiple-character support, so you may have to wait until late August before you can create more than one. Until then, why not check out our pages on all Once Human Twitch Drops rewards and how to get them, as well as how to get beta medals in Once Human? This way, you can enjoy a few freebies before you hop into the game. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Once Human Bunker Access Card walkthrough instead.

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