Update: CEX has now removed the listing for the PS4 Slim from its website, with the previous product page now directing users back to the homepage.

Update: We're been given photo evidence of the PS4 Slim in stock at the Widnes branch of CEX. Thanks to @AlextheBird93 and @RossGHolman.


Furthermore, the CEX website now states that six units are in stock online, with 4+ in store.

Update: CEX now has stock of the unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB and is charging £380.

The CEX website says there are two in stock online and two available at its Widnes store.

Original report: Used goods specialist CEX will buy a PS4 Slim from you for £304 cash or store credit, the retailer's website has revealed.

Ps4 slim stock cex

No stock of the yet-to-be-announced Slim PS4 can be found in CEX stores or online, but the website states they'll be selling for £380 once stock is available.

The legality of buying the new console would appear to be on shaky ground, given that it's assumed all PS4 Slim systems currently in the wild could be stolen stock.

CEX recently came under scrutiny after it was revealed a member of the public was able to buy Uncharted 4 from one of its stores two weeks before launch - with stock likely to have originated from what publisher Sony called a "violent assault" when copies of the game were in transit.

Source: CEX

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