FIFA 14 on PS4 is a very different game to the PS3 edition, executive producer David Rutter has told OPM, saying that the upgrade won't just offer a shinier, higher resolution version of the current-gen edition.

"Put them side by side and play them one after the other, then you realise how vastly different they are. It's remarkable," said Rutter.

He added: "PlayStation 4 gives us the ability to render with more fidelity. We've got roughly ten times as much animation in the next-gen version."

All the extra animation means players can produce moments of brilliance simply not possible in early generation FIFA titles, Rutter suggets.

"You can take shots in places that weren't there in previous generations," he continues. "On next-gen, shooting has the full power of Ignite behind it, so you've got tonnes more animations in there. We're really pleased with the synergy between the build-up to the shot and the connection actually happening."

It's safe to assume the Xbox One version has all the same upgrades.

FIFA 14 launches for current-gen platforms on September 27, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One yet to be dated.


Source: OPM

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