PlayStation 4 will launch 'globally' in 2013, GameStop vice president Mike Hogan has revealed.

Speaking during the retailer's Q4 2012 financial results (transcribed by Seeking Alpha), Hogan said that "Sony will introduce the PlayStation 4 globally in 2013, but we are still waiting to see what Microsoft's final plans are."

Sony has previously announced that PlayStation 4 will release in at least one territory later this year, but has refused to confirm which territories will see it this side of Christmas.

Previous indications suggest that the console could be out by November.

Interest in Sony's next-gen console are "very strong", Hogan adds. "In fact, across a wide range of products, including new smartphones, new tablets, laptops, et cetera, the PlayStation 4 is by far the top scoring item."

But with Microsoft keeping quiet over its next-gen launch plans, GameStop has been forced to produce two potential outlooks - one with two next-gen consoles on the market, and another with only one.

"We have scenarios with 1 console introduction, as well as with 2," Hogan continues. "Even a single launch in 2013 will drive double-digit console growth in 2014; and 2 launches, as noted above, would likely drive the console category north of 20% growth."

Source: Seeking Alpha