PlayStation 4 pre-orders surged following Sony's E3 press conference, SCEE UK & Ireland MD Fergal Gara has told

Discussing the reaction to Sony's conference with us this morning, which confirmed that PS4 would launch in the UK in time for Christmas, Gara said that "the most important thing is that we're out sufficiently in advance of Christmas to allow us to deliver considerable sales.

"Something we take great encouragement in this morning is that we saw a real surge in pre-orders overnight, which is another metric that the news went down well."

Gara chose not to confirm whether Sony intends to release PS4 before Microsoft's Xbox One goes on sale this November, however.

"Selling consoles - just like selling many anticipated pieces of technology - isn't all about sales that happen post day one or on day one, there's an awful lot that goes on prior to day one," he continued. "So the fact that we can say we will be available prior to Christmas, the gifting period etc. is a great piece of news for the UK and Europe."

PlayStation 4 is set to launch worldwide later this year for £349.

Source: Interview