Next generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will require lots of memory if they are to deliver the stunning visuals of the Agni's Philosophy tech demo used at E3 to show off Square Enix's Luminous engine.

Square Enix creative director and senior manager Takeshi Nozue told Edge (via thesilentchief that "memory size is the biggest challenge" in running the Agni demo, shown at E3 on Nvidia's GTX 680 graphics card.

Obviously developing for set hardware such as a console enables developers to eke out performance which may otherwise be lost, but it does seem that whatever Sony and Microsoft have coming must be packed with a good handful of memory if it is to make the most of the Luminous engine.

Square Enix does, however, believe that the hardware makers will "come to a level of quality that will support" the visuals seen in the demo.