Sony must follow Nintendo's lead and cut the cost of the PS Vita if it wants to give the platform any chance of being a success, Inside Network senior analyst Billy Pidgeon has told NowGamer.

"Although the hardware is high quality, Sony may need to follow Nintendo's lead and cut price drastically next year if the installed base remains below five million or the platform will not be viable for publishers," explained Pidgeon.

Pidgeon also believes the quality and breadth of downloadable titles must also be increased.

"Also the proprietary memory cards for PS Vita are prohibitively expensive. There should be more downloadable software, including inexpensive or free games, and these must be higher quality than popular iOS and Android games," he added. "It would in fact be helpful if the best and most popular smartphone and tablet games were also available for download to PS Vita."

He concluded: "PS Vita sales are improving, but could be much stronger. The software library is improving - there are some very good triple A third party exclusives like Persona 4 Golden and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, and there are some very good downloadable titles like Sound Shapes and Escape Plan - extending PlayStation Plus subscriptions to PS Vita also helps to add value."

Source: NowGamer