Pre-orders for Project CARS and Rise of the Tomb Raider spiked by 42% and 30% per cent respectively throughout Gamescom week, Amazon has revealed.

Other games benefiting from Gamescom include Bloodborne, Hyrule Warriors and Remedy's Quantum Break, which received its debut gameplay reveal during the show.

Wii U games received the greatest pre-order increase on average, rising by 8.67%, with PS4 coming in second place at 5.16%. Xbox One pre-order sales, meanwhile, limped in at 2.81%.

"Gamescom has become a landmark event for gamers around the world, attracting over 300,000 people to the show," said Amazon's vice president of EU Retail Xavier Garambois. "The significant increase in interest in pre-orders highlight how developers and publishers have managed to excite our customers in the UK through this major gaming event."

Gamescom pre


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