by on Oct 8, 2018

Project xCloud announced by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced full details on Project xCloud, its game streaming service originally teased at E3 that allows users to play Xbox game content on a smartphone or tablet.

Writing in a post on the Official Microsoft Blog, corporate vice president of cloud gaming, Kareem Choudhry, revealed that public trials for Project xCloud will kick off next year, beginning with 4G networks and progressing to 5G as it becomes available.

'Our goal with Project xCloud is to deliver a quality experience for all gamers on all devices that’s consistent with the speed and high-fidelity gamers experience and expect on their PCs and consoles,' wrote Choudhry.

Project xCloud is already being tested on phones and tablets paired up with Xbox controllers via Bluetooth, although touch input is also available. 

The format holder has equipped its datacenters with custom hardware to ensure it is compatible with existing and 'future Xbox games,' so it's obviously going to play a part in Microsoft's next-generation console plans. 

'With datacenters in 54 Azure regions and services available in 140 countries, Azure has the scale to deliver a great gaming experience for players worldwide, regardless of their location,' the post added.

Sony has had its own cloud-based service for a few years now in the shape of PlayStation Now, and Google's also joining in the fun with Project Stream.


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