Project Scarlett could launch with the ultimate Xbox library of games

Project Scarlett could launch with the ultimate Xbox library of games
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Microsoft claims that Project Scarlett could possess the greatest library of any Xbox system due to the hardware’s backwards compatibility and a host of first-party studios (via Game Rant). 

Backwards compatibility is a feature that the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett share. However, head of Microsoft Game Studios Matt Booty elaborated in an interview that Microsoft’s hardware would prioritise the legacy of the Xbox. Although customers will be forking out what I imagine may be a chunk of cash for Project Scarlett, their purchase will invest in the future and the past.

He said that any game that works with the Xbox One will work with Project Scarlett. None of the innards of the Xbox have been hoiked out to stop people from enjoying previous titles, which is fab. This also applies to games that are releasing before Project Scarlett releases, for example, Bleeding Edge and Doom Eternal.

Currently, there are 15 first-party studios beavering away on titles tailored for Xbox One and Project Scarlett. As a result, Microsoft expects to release a new first-party experience every three to four months on the advent of 2020. These studios have snapped up anyone who is anyone, including BioWare, God of War, and Red Dead Redemption developers. So, it seems we have a lot to look forward to between now and Project Scarlett, and beyond.

Project Scarlett will launch in holiday 2020, just like the PlayStation 5.