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Project Cars 2 has over 180 cars and 35 vehicle brands

Project Cars 2 continues the theme of being outrageously detailed when it comes to not only the cars in its game, with the announcement that it will feature more than 180 cars across 35 brands, such as the 2018 Formula X, 2016 Ford GT LM GME and even the Volkswagen Polo RX Supercar. Yes, a VW Polo supercar. The original Project Cars contained a paltry (in comparison) 74 cars. 

Slightly Mad Studios has been working with 35 vehicle manufacturers, painstakingly researching and digitally recreating cars covering nine different disciplines of motorsport. Not only that, but Project Cars 2 will cover 29 different motorsport series in-game, including IndyCar, Rallycross and Oval tracks. That sure is a mammoth level of detail for the racing aficionado. Care to try and tame the 2015 Aston Martin Vantage GT12 anyone? 

Slightly Mad Studios is not taking anything for granted. The much-lauded weather cycles, which could affect the balance of any race in the original, have been further enhanced with the implementation of dynamic and seasonal weather, replete with a nifty moniker LiveTrack 3.0. This is a first in the racing genre. Not only does the weather change dependent on the season, forcing the player to adjust to the conditions, but GPS data now enables the game to accurately determine the position of the sun at any time of the year, affecting visibility. It’s all very serious business.

Project Cars 2 launches on September 22 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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