Retailers have warned that introducing a block on pre-owned software in the next-generation Xbox will "kill" the console if Sony continues to support used software with PlayStation 4.

Speaking to MCV, numerous retail execs offered their thoughts on the rumours that Microsoft's next Xbox will block playback of pre-owned software and require an always-online internet connection, with Steven Doyle, manager of Games Dojo saying:

"It all depends on what the PS4 does. If Xbox doesn't allow pre-owned and the PS4 does - it will kill the Xbox."

Robert Lindsay, managing director of indie retailer Games Centre added: "If Microsoft incorporates the tech to lock out pre-owned games and Sony doesn't then there is going to be only one winner in the next generation of consoles - and it won't be Microsoft."

Numerous other shop owners aren't happy with the rumours either, with Excite Games owner Paul Whitfield saying "blocking pre-owned would be a bad thing," and Don McCabe, joint MD of Chips adding, "block second-hand and force a constant connection and the market will shrink rapidly, but Microsoft will still make a profit.

"As for the rest of us, tough titty."

Lindsay adds that he's "optimistic that the rumours will remain just that," however, "and Microsoft and Sony will make the right decision for the industry".

Microsoft has yet to announce its next-generation Xbox or comment on rumours that it intends to block pre-owned software and require an always-on internet connection for its next console.

Comments from a creative director at Microsoft Studios last night, however, suggest that the latter could be true.

Sony has yet to commit to a stance on pre-owned software on PlayStation 4, either, but inspired confidence during the console's announcement when it told CVG that it will "do the right thing" and that it is "mindful of what the game development community wants".

Microsoft is expected to announce its next Xbox within the next few weeks.

Source: MCV Magazine | Friday April 5 2013