In an interview with VG247, Pokemon Sword & Shield producer Junichi Masuda said, 'We don’t have regrets about what we’ve done.'

He was asked about Pokemon Sword & Shield not having the full national dex, which would include all Pokemon from the previous games. It has been a bone of contention for some of the series' fans.

In response, Masuda said, 'We don’t have regrets about what we’ve done. In terms of having Pokemon that you had in previous games, we do have Pokemon Home that’s coming out – and that’s another place where everyone can gather all their Pokemon from previous games and enjoy a different way of playing with them there.'

Though it's an issue that rankles fans looking to amass an all-encompassing collection, it is understandable that the new games, which are in a new, fully-3D engine. Masuda also recently said that it takes three months to get just one Pokemon into the new game.

Elsewhere in the interview, Masuda impressed the importance of forging more intimate connections with your Pokemon. 

'We are always looking at for the future is what we can do to make the most interesting game possible and make a more enjoyable, richer experience for the fans,' Masuda said. 'For example, when we add new moves and abilities we create a deeper experience for everyone to enjoy. This time around we can also give people a greater attachment to the Pokemon that are in the game, which is something we think is very important.'

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