Pokemon Concierge release date, cast, and everything we know so far

Pokemon Concierge release date, cast, and everything we know so far
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Want to know what the Pokemon Concierge release date is? Pokemon is an anime series much-loved by anime enthusiasts and non-anime watchers alike, not to speak of those partial to the countless games tied to it. No wonder you can find a slew of series, both new and old, that may pique your interest.

However, if you’re interested in a slice of life with stop-motion production thrown in, Pokemon Concierge will most likely be on the top of your watch list this festive season. Find out more about the Pokemon Concierge release date, cast, and everything we know about it so far.

What is the Pokemon Concierge release date?

The Pokemon Concierge release date is December 28, 2023, on Netflix. The Pokemon Company, in collaboration with the critically acclaimed Dwarf Studios, announced the production of the stop-motion project Pokemon Concierge in celebration of Pokemon Day.

What is Pokemon Concierge about?

Set in the Pokemon world, we follow the story protagonist, Haru, a novice concierge at the Pokemon Resort. This resort is on a southern island and is a peaceful getaway for various Pokemon to have fun and relax. At this peaceful resort, Haru gradually discovers herself as she helps her fellow staff members scramble to meet the needs of their Pokemon guests.

The Pokemon have varying needs, and it’s up to Haru and the staff to make sure the Pokemon feel happy. However, with an obvious language barrier, it’s sometimes hard to tell what makes certain Pokemon feel relaxed. Which Pokemon will Haru befriend first, and will she be up for this challenge? We’ll know once the series hits on the Pokemon Concierge release date.

You will also have the pleasure of listening to a newly written theme song by Mariya Takeuchi called Have a Good Time Here within the series.

✓ Interesting Fact

Pokemon Concierge Japanese version

In the Japanese version of Pokemon Concierge, the voice actor Fairouz Ai, who played the role of Jolyne Cujo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Chainsaw Man, voices Alice.

Who is in the Pokemon Concierge cast?

In the Pokemon Concierge Netflix series, you will find an array of well-known voice actors. Below, you will find a list of both English and Japanese cast members.

English Cast:

Japanese Cast:

There are plenty of exciting series and movies lined up for the upcoming festive season. If you’re interested in action, you might be interested in the Yu Yu Hakusho live action release date or The Imaginary Movie release date. With a line-up like this, you won’t be bored this holiday.

Pokemon Concierge FAQs

Where can I watch Pokemon Concierge?

Pokemon Concierge will only be streamed on Netflix. So, to watch the upcoming Pokemon series, you will need a Netflix account.

What is stop-motion animation?

Stop-motion animation or filmmaking is a technique where objects are physically manipulated in small movements and individually photographed. As a result, when you play each photograph in a sequence, it will seem as if the object is moving.