PlayStation Vita has been reduced to £169.99 as part of's Summer Clearance promotion, the lowest price the unit has ever been sold for by a mainstream retailer.

Both the Wi-Fi version and Wi-Fi/3G versions of the unit have seen significant reductions in the promotion.

The Wi-Fi unit is being sold by Play for £169.99, offering a £60 saving on the £229 RRP.

Meanwhile, the 3G version, which usually retails for £279.99, has been reduced to £219.99.

The new price undercuts Nintendo's upcoming 3DS XL by a fiver. Play currently has the 3DS XL available to pre-order at £174.99.

PlayStation Vita has struggled to capture an audience since it launched in February, with sales reported to have stalled across the globe.

In May, Sony announced a temporary price promotion in France offering a €50 rebate to new buyers.