by on Mar 29, 2021

PlayStation Store will no longer let you buy PS3, PSP & PS Vita games via the webstore

Bad news for retro fans, as it’s transpired over the weekend that Sony has finally closed off the ability to purchase PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP games from the web based version of the PlayStation Store.

As spotted by users on the ResetEra forums (care of Eurogamer) users have found that using the old region-specific domain that still allowed users to purchase games for Sony’s old systems now redirects to an error message, before further redirecting users to the default page on the current webstore that only has PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 titles available for purchase.

The change has seemingly been coming for a few months, as it was originally reported back in October that PlayStation would be losing this functionality when the web version of the store was revamped ahead of the PlayStation 5’s release, however users found they were still able to purchase PS Vita, PSP and PlayStation 3 games through the old version of the webstore right up until this past weekend.

PlayStation itself is yet to comment on the move, though it comes just a few days after last week’s reports that PlayStation intend to also shut down the on-console version of the stores on PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Vita later this summer. It certainly seems like it’s your last chance to buy digital games on the older formats before the ability to do so is presumably gone for good.


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