The football season may still be a few weeks away, but this week's PlayStation Store update is geared around the beautiful game.

Arguably the biggest thing to arrive on PlayStation Store this week is a playable demo of PES 2013, offering you the chance to try out this year's PES months before it goes on sale.

The demo provides four teams to get to grips with - England, Italy, Portugal and Germany - and we'd certainly recommend giving it a try. We gave it a whirl earlier this afternoon (look out for an Extended Play featuring Neon and Dave facing off against each other on the site soon - can you guess who won?) and it seems like it could be one of the strongest PES games in a while.

But if table football is more your thing, PS3/PS Vita title Foosball 2012 could well be the game to get you ahem... booting up your handheld again. The table football game costs £5.49 and is cross-play compatible, meaning you'll get both versions for the same price.

Digital PS3 versions of LEGO Batman 2 and Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge are also available to download for £39.99, alongside Disney Pixar's Brave, the game of the upcoming movie.

Move Fitness (remember that thing?) also offers up over 25 'fun and intense' exercises to help you fight the flab. That's available for £14.99, but bear in mind you'll need two PlayStation Move controllers to use it. Hey, Sony has to shift that excess stock somehow.

And if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you'll be able to take advantage of these exclusive discounts this week:

  • Move Fitness - 20% off
  • Sports Champions - 20% off
  • Hustle Kings - 25% off
  • Top Darts - 25% off
  • High Velocity Bowling - 25% off
  • Everybody's Golf: World Tour Complete Edition - 25% off