by on Mar 22, 2021

PlayStation reportedly closing PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP stores later this year

PlayStation is reportedly set to close the PlayStation Stores on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP by this summer, it's been claimed.

The reports come from The Gamer, who claim "sources familiar with the situation" say that the PS3 and PSP stores will be closed down on July 2 and the PS Vita store will follow suit on August 27. Following those dates, owners of those consoles will no longer be able to buy games or DLC from the PlayStation Store with an announcement for the closure expected at the end of this month.

The move comes a little under six months since a reported email went out to partners claiming users would no longer be able to purchase games for older systems as the PlayStation Store went under a refresh in time for the PlayStation 5, although at the time of writing you can still make purchases for PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita games via the web version of the store. However, this latest report seems to indicate that you'll no longer be able to make the purchases on the consoles themselves either, meaning if you want a new game for the older consoles, you'll need to get on it sharpish. 

It may also mark the end of an era for many older PlayStation titles too, as currently the PlayStation 5 cannot play backwards compatible games from the PlayStation 3 and earlier outside of the few that had been ported to PlayStation 4 and those via streaming on PlayStation Now. We'll let you know when and if an official announcement is forthcoming.


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