PlayStation 4 includes an eight-core CPU clocked at 1.6GHz, 4GB of "ultra-fast" DDR5 RAM, and a special helping of "secret sauce", according to a new report.

Rumoured to be called 'PlayStation Orbis', Digital Foundry claims to have received "hard data" on the technical makeup of the next-generation PlayStation, alleging that the console will provide "cutting-edge visuals and gameplay" and "has some serious potential."

In addition to the DDR5 RAM and speedy CPU, Orbis is said to feature a Radeon HD GPU, rumoured to be based off of AMD's Radeon 7970M, running at 800MHz and featuring 18 "Graphics Core Next" compute units. 512MB of RAM is also said to be reserved for the operating system.

Part of the "secret sauce", meanwhile, is the addition of "a bespoke GPU-like 'Compute' module", designed to handle CPU-intensive tasks like physics processing.

But what does it all mean? Well, we'd be lying if we told you we knew exactly, but PlayStation 4 - or whatever it might be called - seems like it's shaping up to be an almighty powerhouse of a machine, and one finely-tuned for gaming.

Expect an official reveal at some point in March.

Source: Digital Foundry