PlayStation 3 controller loses vibration

James Orry Updated on by

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A press release has revealed that the vibration feature in the Dualshock and Dualshock 2 controllers will not be present in the PlayStation 3 controller.

Pursuant to the introduction of this new six-axis sensing system, the vibration feature that is currently available on DUALSHOCK and DUALSHOCK 2 controllers for PlayStation and PlayStation 2, will be removed from the new PS3 controller as vibration itself interferes with information detected by the sensor,” reads the press release.

Whilst this has obviously been done to enable the controller to use the new sensing technology, the lack of feedback from the controller may well leave a rather sterile feeling in gamers’ hands.

The PS3 controller will operate wirelessly via Bluetooth, but with the addition of a USB cable which plugs into the rear of the controller you have yourself a wired version. When connected with a USB cable the controller will also recharge automatically.

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