Murdered: Soul Suspect will keep players guessing right through to its conclusion, according to Airtight CCO Matt Brunner, who says that, "unless somebody read a spoiler, there's no way they're gonna guess what the final element is, the final twist".

In fact, Brunner's so confident that players won't see the last twist coming that he'll even "bet money on [it]".

"It's really intersting making a mystery," adds writer Doug Van Horne, speaking to GAME. "You're always trying to layer in different levels of mystery. With every mystery, someone might figure it out right away, some people might not figure it out until the end, [other] people might figure it out near the end, and you're just trying to find the best mix, the best number of layers, and the best pacing so that you [keep] as many people guessing as long as you want them to."

Murdered: Soul Suspect sees players attempting to unravel the mystery behind their death as they investigate clues about their murder from the afterlife.

The game launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 6.


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