FIFA 13 will not feature any kind of player performance momentum, producer David Rutter has told

Quizzed about how dynamic Pro Player Intelligence and the new first touch systems are in FIFA 13, in particular if form is affected by performance over a match, Rutter said: "Ultimately, there's no momentum, that's how our community and fans talk about it within the game.

"So if your team's doing badly, they don't start to play badly, or if your team's playing well, they don't start to play better. That concept doesn't exist in the game, ultimately because we want it to be down to your skill and abilities, and down to the attributes of the players on the pitch, rather than 'oh, bad luck'.

"The fact that, fans who believe that's in there get so passionately against it is like 'yeah that's why we wouldn't put it in, because it would be a dumb idea'."

Rutter says much more to in the full interview which you can read here.

FIFA 13 will be released this autumn for all formats.

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