Ambient Studios has released a playable concept level for its in-progress Kickstarter project Death Inc. for PC, Linux and Mac.

The demo makes it possible to get a better idea of what the game hopes to be before making a donation which will help the Kickstarter towards its funding goal of £300,000.

"It requires a huge leap of faith to decide to back a game based on its concept art or launch video, particularly when that project is from a smaller, independent developer," said Jonny Hopper, director, co-founder, Ambient Studios Ltd.

"But we believe Death Inc. is a title that Kickstarter was built for. Ambient Studios is a small independent developer based in Guildford, UK, founded in 2011 by Media Molecule alumni. We've worked across games such as LittleBigPlanet, the Fable franchise, Burnout and Need For Speed - but we really need support to create and publish our first original game.

"We're so confident in our idea that we've taken the unusual step of issuing a fully playable demo before the campaign has finished."

Play as Grim T. Livingstone, freelance Reaper, and unleash the plague on 17th century England. Ransack farms, ports and cities, topple knights and noblemen as you battle to increase your pestilential horde.

When playing the demo remember that the game has only been in development for 10 weeks.

You can find the demo over on the Death Inc. Kickstarter page.

Source: Press release