Bayonetta 2's director has said the developers would love the opportunity to work with Nintendo again to make Bayonetta 3 on the Wii U.

In an interview with CVG, Yusuke Hashimoto spoke of how Nintendo has given Platinum Games freedom to "create what we had originally envisioned."

He added, "I feel that it's important to let your creativity flow and Nintendo has been able to provide us with the freedom to create what we had originally envisioned.

"We were able to have a lot of back-and-forth between Platinum Games and Nintendo and they were able to provide objective feedback; 'Maybe that's a little too much', or, 'maybe you should try this'. I feel that was really good and helped push Bayonetta 2 to even higher quality.

"We started out with a fundamental freedom, with Nintendo telling us to go and create the game as we saw fit. But as the game started to take shape and we were starting to put all the pieces together, they were able to point out some things that we didn't realise ourselves. That was really helpful for us."

Hashimoto-san goes on to state his willingness to continue working on the series.

"Should the opportunity arise I'd definitely like to keep nurturing this franchise," he said.

"It might not be me [directing], but should somebody else take over I would definitely be there to support and help just as [Hideki] Kamiya has for me. Though there's a chance I could direct in future as well!"

He goes on to discuss the possibility of working with Nintendo again on the next entry.

"In terms of nurturing the content of this game, there's a lot that we learned from Nintendo and if possible we would love to do it again and keep nurturing our child."

Bayonetta 2 is set to launch exclusively on the Wii U in October.