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Planet Coaster: Console Edition opens its gates this November

Frontier Developments has announced that Planet Coaster: Console Edition, the console version of its popular theme park management game, will launch on consoles—including the new Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5— this November.

The game's console edition, first announced late last year, features a redesigned interface, a new radial menu and a bespoke control system. On top of this, console players will also have access to the Frontier Workshop, offering them a wealth of player-made content to use in their own theme parks how they see fit or upload their creations for others to use.

In addition, the game will also recieve a free upgrade path to next gen, so those who pick up the game on Xbox One can get the Xbox Series S/X version and PlayStation 4 owners can get the PlayStation 5 one at no extra cost upon picking up the new consoles.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition releases on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from November 10 with the PlayStation 5 version following along at that console's launch from November 12/19 depending on your region. 



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