A new Pokemon title set to star much-loved character Pikachu is currently in development at The Pokemon Company, according to a bio of the developer's president Tsunekazu Ishihara.

Translated via Gematsu, a blurb on Japanese TV channel NHK's website allegedly states that Ishihara "started development on a never before seen game" this summer.

"It's a new game featuring the very popular character Pikachu in a bold way," the bio reads. "There is concern, however, that if it's bad the long loved character would lose popularity in the blink of an eye."

Pikachu first appeared in the original Pokemon Red and Blue back in 1996, but Nintendo has yet to announce a new title starring the character.

The next Pokemon title, Pokemon X & Y, goes on sale this Saturday, October 12.

Source: nhk.or.jp, gematsu.com

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