by on Aug 19, 2021

Physics platformer Struggling clambers to PlayStation and Xbox next month

Physics based platformer Struggling is making its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in September, publisher Frontier Foundry has announced.

You’ll play as a grotesque mass of flesh and body parts known as Troy. You’ll have to control his hastily-tacked-on limbs in order to navigate the levels and solve puzzles in a weird and wacky world. As you make progress, you’ll also unlock a range of mutations that give you new abilities. These include the ability to slow down time or even remove your limbs to graft them onto items in the level.

For an added challenge, you can also play the entire game in co-op. Each of you takes control of one of Troy’s arms. You’ll have to communicate and work together in order to navigate the many levels. These levels include horrific labs, vast canyons and even a fever dream. As you do.

The game originally released back in August for PC. You can check out a trailer for the console release of the game down below.

Struggling arrives on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 8, 2021.


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on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date:

08 September 2021