Infinium Labs' Phantom game service may never see the light of day, but at least something positive will come from the project in the shape of the system's keyboard and mouse combo. What makes the Lapboard interesting is that it features a keyboard that can be angled upwards to reveal a surface on which a mouse can operate. This means the device is perfect for use on your lap (hence the name) and ideal for those who no longer sit at a desk when using their PC.

The good news is that Infinium Labs has finally found a manufacturer for the Lapboard: Itron Technology, Inc. The bad news is that the device has now been delayed from its planned second quarter release and will now ship in North America at some time, no later than October. Hopefully this doesn't become a trend for the Lapboard, with endless delays, until finally disappearing from our radar.

"We have selected Itron Technology to manufacture the Phantom Lapboard for distribution in North America and Europe under terms to ship no later than October in time for the holiday shopping season," said Greg Koler, Infinium Labs' CEO and president. "Itron's strengths as an OEM/ODM manufacturer of keyboards, mice, joysticks and other input devices made it a clear choice for Infinium Labs to meet its 2006 marketing goals."

With PCs now appearing more often in the living room, often in the form of a media centre, the Lapboard could become a much desired item for the armchair PC user.

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