PGA Tour 2K23: Which Archetype is Best?

PGA Tour 2K23: Which Archetype is Best?
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PGA Tour 2K23 is the latest golf game from 2K, and this time around there are a few new ways to dictate the stats of your player. Once you design your character the next thing you need to do is choose your Archetype, this will become the foundation for your stats. 

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PGA Tour 2K23: MyPlayer Attributes

Captured in PGA Tour 2K23

The Archetypes are made up of 8 different stats in total, with each Archetype varying a great deal from the previous one. The stats that make up each Archetype are as follows: 

  • Power
  • Timing 
  • Swing Path 
  • Transition
  • Shaping 
  • Lie Range 
  • Putt Path
  • Putt Weight 

As you scroll through the different Archetypes you can see how it impacts the stats of your pro differently. 

PGA Tour 2K23: Archetypes

There are 5 Archetypes in total, each with their own strength and weakness. The different Archetypes in PGA Tour 2K23 are as followers: 


A specialist at putting however not so good at recovery shots and reading the land 

  • Power: 64
  • Timing: 73
  • Swing Path: 70
  • Transition: 67
  • Shaping: 60
  • Lie Range: 62
  • Putt Path: 81
  • Putt Weight: 76


This Archetype is the one you want if you’re trying to hit the ball the furthest, however the swing is more challenging to control with all that power, whilst putting is also quite low

  • Power: 81
  • Timing: 60
  • Swing Path: 62
  • Transition: 76
  • Shaping: 73
  • Lie Range: 70
  • Putt Path: 64
  • Putt Weight: 67


Rhythm has a much easier swing and is a bit more all round than the Powerhouse, but you can’t hit it anywhere near as far. 

  • Power: 60
  • Timing: 81
  • Swing Path: 76
  • Transition: 62
  • Shaping: 64
  • Lie Range: 67
  • Putt Path: 73
  • Putt Weight: 70


The Sculptor is all about shaping your shots, so if that is a strength of yours then this is a good Archetype for you. Distance control with this Archetype is poor. 

  • Power: 73
  • Timing: 64
  • Swing Path: 76
  • Transition: 62
  • Shaping: 81
  • Lie Range: 67
  • Putt Path: 60
  • Putt Weight: 70


If you’re used to going off the green, then the Woodsman is the one for you, as they’re great at getting you back on track. However, the weakness here is putting. 

  • Power: 70
  • Timing: 67
  • Swing Path: 64
  • Transition: 73
  • Shaping: 76
  • Lie Range: 81
  • Putt Path: 62
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What is the Best Archetype in PGA Tour 2K23? 

This really depends on how new you’re to the game. If you’re a relative newcomer, and you’re trying to nail the swing mechanics of the game then Rhythm is a safe bet just so you can get it down. If your strength is putting, then the Greensman would be what we recommend.

Each Archetype has its strengths and weaknesses, whilst all of them have merit. So our advice would be to see what suits the way you play best and choose from there.

Where to find Archetypes in PGA Tour 2K23?

The Archetypes are crucial in PGA Tour 2K23 to figuring on how you want your pros stats to be balanced. In case you’re unsure on where they are, take a look below:

  • From the main menu go to MyPlayer tab and select MyPlayer
  • The next screen will give you a view of options regarding your golfer, go across to the third tile and select golfer
  • Now you should be in the skills menu, from here press R2/RT once and you should be ready to select your Archetype