Sony's PlayStation Move wasn't as 'innovational' as Microsoft's Kinect and it wasn't as early as Nintendo's Wii, according to former Microsoft exec and Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux.

"What I worry about, with their corporate pressure and the pressure on costs, I worry about the ability to do that. More and more - and this is a personal thing - I just don't know where they're going in hardware terms," Molyneux told Gamesindustry. "They had the Move, but it wasn't as early as the Wii and it wasn't as innovational as Kinect. They seem to be third in line in that race. I have expected, every single press conference for the last year, Sony to bring out this magic rabbit out from a huge hat and say, 'Aha, world. You really don't realize what's going on.' And I do worry about them."

Molyneux also believes that console manufacturers might find the market slipping through their fingers due to the number of different platforms available.

"They no longer have the luxury of keeping us all funnelled into these consoles," added Molyneux. "A whole lot of manufacturers in the industry have been in a luxurious position for so long, where they could restrict the entertainment content to the masses. They did a very good job of squeezing the PC out and making this just about three formats and now it feels like it's sand dripping through their fingers. It's escaping from them."

Do you agree with Molyneux about PlayStation Move and Kinect? And are the big three letting the console business slip through their fingers? The rise in popularity of mobile and tablet gaming, as well as the continued success of PC platforms like Steam, certainly make for a more competitive market.