Mario fans upset by PETA's attack on Super Mario 3D Land, over Mario's use of a Tanuki Suit, needn't worry - it was all a joke apparently.

"Mario fans: Relax! PETA's game was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a fun way to call attention to a serious issue, that raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur," reads a statement from PETA. "We wish real-life tanukis could fly or swat enemies away with their tails and escape from those who profit from their skins. You can help them by never buying real fur."

PETA originally stated: "In Super Mario 3D Land tanooki may be just a suit, but by wearing the skin of an animal, PETA believes Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur."

We think Super Mario 3D Land is rather lovely, awarding it 9/10 in our Super Mario 3D Land review. Super Mario 3D Land is just one of many games created by Shigeru Miyamoto.

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