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Persona 5 Royal DLC marks the return of Persona 3 and 4 protagonists

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The latest Morgana’s Report for Persona 5 revealed that the protagonists of Persona 3 and 4 will return to the new Challenge Battle mode (via DualShockers). 

Firstly, the My Palace feature has been flaunted in full, which is a gallery mode that will be customisable with items, decorations, and activities. The My Palace lets the player view cutscenes, concept art, and illustrations, and plays background tracks from the game’s soundtrack. Also, any one of the Phantom Thieves will be controllable as the feature’s wandering visitor. As the My Palace expands, characters will hang out there and unique encounters will spring from interactions with them. 

It sounds like a museum dedicated to Persona 5 that you tweak and decorate to your heart’s content, which I’m certain would receive flocks upon flocks of fans if it was built in reality. Morgana was also able to mention Persona 5 Royal’s ambitions for its DLC. The Challenge Battle mode is a multi-level enemy gauntlet that pits a customisable party of characters against Shadows. The fruits of the player’s labour increase with each round of enemies defeated, and Morgana said that Yu and Makoto — the protagonists of Persona 3 and Persona 4 — will be thrown into the mix of party members as DLC additions. 

And, two of the DLC costumes coming to Persona 5 Royal are the Persona 5 Dancing Star Night apparel, and the Persona Q2 outfit. Many more will be added to the game later on, so fingers crossed there are some real clangers in the super-stylish JRPG. At the end of the report, Futaba interrupted Morgana to announce the Atlus livestream on October 3 at 7.00pm JST (or 11.00am BST). This livestream will celebrate the launch of Persona 5 Royal in Japan, and will countdown til midnight over there. 


Persona 5 Royal will launch on October 31 exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan, and the game is expected to launch in early 2020 in the west. Watch the latest Morgana’s Report in Japanese below. 


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