The PEGI age ratings system for video games have finally come into effect in the UK, reports MCV.

Games will now be classified by only PEGI, though the actual rating process will be conducted by the Video Standards Council (VSC). The arrival of PEGI means you'll no longer see BBFC ratings on video games.

The PEGI system also means it now becomes illegal to sell 12-rated games to anyone below that age. Retailers found guilty of selling to those under-age could face a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a £5,000 fine.

"The UK has one of the most dynamic and innovative video games industries in the world, and the games they produce not only entertain millions, but can also educate and foster creativity," said culture minister Ed Vaizey.

"Today's simplification of the ratings system benefits both industry and consumers and will help ensure that the millions of games sold in the UK each year are being played by the audiences they were intended for."