Payday 2: Crimewave Edition will release on PS4 and Xbox One in June, 505 Games and Overkill have announced.

Based on the original Payday 2, the Crimewave Edition bundles in over a year's worth of updates and DLC, including fan favourites The Big Bank Heist and Clover, the first female heister.

The current-gen re-release will run at native 1080p on both platforms and feature an improved framerate - but it probably won't hit 60fps.

Payday 2 ps4 xbox one

Pre-order the game digitally and you'll receive a 25 per cent discount and the Hard Time Loot Bag.

"The continuance of the Payday-saga on Xbox One and Playstation 4 is going to be awesome," said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze AB. "With improved frame rate, greater looking textures, 1080p resolution and more than a year worth of updates included in the game at launch, robbing banks together has never looked as sweet. Getting Payday into the hands of as many gamers as possible has always been one of our mantras, hopefully our initial offer will make it easier than ever for new and old heisters alike to enjoy Payday 2."

The Hard Time Loot Bag contains a number of unique digital items including:

  • Red dot weapon sight modification available for use on all rifle weapons
  • Exclusive Skull mask
  • PlayStation 4 or Xbox One exclusive mask
  • Unique mask pattern titled "I LOVE OVERKILL"
  • Unique color pattern, only available with this unlock
  • Bundle of in-game cash

"Since we released Payday [2] it's received over 52 updates on PC," producer Almir Listo told "It's been a hell of a ride. We've updated the game plenty of times bringing new content, free content and paid content.

"The great thing with the Crimewave Edition is that we're finally able to bring as much as we possibly can of it to consoles. What that means is a year's worth of DLC included in one box. We're not doing anything nasty where we say here's the standard Payday 2 package and at launch here's the 20 DLCs you can buy. We're basically saying here's the full experience that will continue to be updated with free content and paid DLC as we go along, but this is what Payday 2 is at this day and age."

Payday 2 ps4

Source: 505 Games

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