by on Nov 22, 2017

Pay someone £15 an hour to play Call of Duty: WW2 for you

If you recently picked up Call of Duty: WW2 but have since realised you’re not levelling up as quickly as you’d like, fear not as you can pay someone £15 an hour to do it for you.

Website Bidvine, which allows folks to search for local ‘trusted service professionals’ to do jobs for them so they can ‘use the time saved to pursue their passions,’ is offering you the chance to ‘take your prestige to the next level with a Call of Duty pro player.’ Effectively, if you’re too busy to actually play the copy of Call of Duty: WWII that you’ve bought but want all the goodies that come after some time playing the game, you can use Bidvine to hire someone to do the dirty work.

You can request your chosen man or woman reach certain milestones while in possession of your account or console, like an improved kill-death ratio, specific gun unlocks, or a higher Prestige level. If you fancy yourself as one of the Call of Duty pros and think you could make a couple of pounds by offering your services up to absolute plugs prospective customers, you can sign up here.

Bidvine does say that hourly rates can vary on what parameters are set for pro players, but suggests that £15 is a ballpark figure that you can expect to pay/earn. Bidvine co-founder Russ Morgan claims ‘We’ve already had a number of sign ups and we’re looking forward to seeing how many more we get!’

Last year you could pay people to roam the streets for Pokémon, so I guess there’s a market for this. Horses for courses.


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Call of Duty: WWII

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Release Date:

03 November 2017