Special 'Summer Games Loot Boxes' are now available to purchase for Overwatch, introducing new Olympics-themed skins, poses and other cosmetics for a limited time.

Each Loot Box contains a selection of four items, including one guaranteed Summer Games skin, plus sprays, highlight intros, emotes, victory poses, player icons or voice lines.

While there aren't screenshots of the new skins yet, some pictures of the designs for Tracer, Lucio and Zarya have surfaced on NeoGAF.

Overwatch summer

Some have speculated that there may also be a new map and game mode coming, too.

Overwatch summer

Over 90 new Summer Games items are available to collect, although they can only be unlocked through the new loot boxes, either earned in-game or via microtransactions. Here's the pricing:

  • 2x Summer Games Loot Box - £1.69
  • 5x Summer Games Loot Box - £3.99
  • 11x Summer Games Loot Box - £7.99
  • 24x Summer Games Loot Box - £15.99
  • 50x Summer Games Loot Box - £32.99

The loot boxes will be available to purchase from digital storefronts until August 22.

Addendum: The original version of this article incorrectly stated that the Summer Games Loot Boxes were only available to purchase via real money. The article has been updated to remove this error.

Source: neogaf.com

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