Overwatch 2 director details Lifeweaver control changes in future update

Overwatch 2 director details Lifeweaver control changes in future update
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Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller has announced some control changes to Lifeweaver, which is expected to go live next week. These changes will affect his firing and abilities.

The impacted Lifeweaver changes will be that going forward, his Thorn Volley fire mode will now be relegated to the standard alternative fire. You no longer have to switch weapons like Mercy to go on the offensive. With this, he acts more like Baptiste now. To compensate for the quick-fire change, his auto-reload has been slowed.

To make room for Thorn Volley to take the alternate fire spot, Petal Platform has been moved to ability one, and Regenerative Dash is now a double jump ability, similar to Hanzo’s air dash, but it still slightly heals him.

Updates for Overwatch 2 usually go live on Tuesdays, so that should be the day you expect Lifeweaver control changes to go through. Since Lifeweaver was released alongside the start of Season 4, players have noted how the new Support is kind of clunky with how he is handled. The fact that Blizzard was willing to make these changes so quickly is good to see.

While the changes to his controls won’t change Lifeweaver’s healing output, which a section of the community has criticized, we see this as good for the overall flow of the character going forward. Keller did mention that if you prefer the original control scheme, you can switch to that, but this new method of playing him will be the default going forward.

If you have been playing Lifeweaver early and want to get better with him, take a look at our how to play guide for him. You can also learn more about his abilities and lore implications.