Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will launch on Steam on September 29 for £11.99, Codemasters has announced.

The Xbox store also lists the game for release on console the same day, so expect it to arrive digitally on both PS4 and Xbox One then, too.

Pre-order the game on Steam and you'll receive 9 free hats for your minions inspired by Team Fortress 2, including ones based on the Heavy, Pyro, Scout and Engineer. You can see them all in the image below.


You'll also receive a free digital art book that features a range of concept art from the game.

Unlike earlier games in the series, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil lets players team up with up to 3 friends to explore the Netherworld from a new top-down perspective.

"Overlord is the only series that actively encourages players to have fun being the embodiment of evil, destroying all that is good in a subversive, comedic manner," says Codemasters. "Fellowship of Evil captures this essence and adds in four-way, chaotic co-op play where gamers can even turn on each other. Evil always finds a way...sometimes it just needs a bit of a nudge."

Source: blog.codemasters.com

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