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Ben Borthwick by on Apr 30, 2021

Outriders tackles crash fixes & optimisations in biggest patch yet

People Can Fly has released the biggest patch yet for squad shooter Outriders, with a huge list of fixes and tweaks to try and resolve many of the technical issues players have been suffering at launch.

The list of fixes is pretty extensive for all platforms, but the official Twitter account notes that this does not yet include the forthcoming fix to help people retrieve lost weapons and inventory that’s been promised. On that, the team say they have faced several challenges related to the complexity of restoring lost gear, and as a result they decided to push this technical patch out now as they continue to work on a solution.

Included in this patch then are a number of fixes for game crashes, especially for the game’s multiplayer modes, resolving issues that saw players stuck on the game’s signing in screen, snipers giving players more time to dodge their shots, reducing knockback from creatures on the Stargrave expedition, bugs that caused mods not to trigger and many, many more.

You can check the very large list of patch notes in full over on the game’s official Reddit here, and the patch should be live now in Outriders on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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