Only 1 person is working on Days Gone’s PS4 Pro support, 2 on inFamous – Report

Only 1 person is working on Days Gone’s PS4 Pro support, 2 on inFamous – Report
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Only 1 person is working on enhancing Days Gone for PS4 Pro, according to a new video report by Digital Foundry, and just 2 on inFamous: Second Son and inFamous: First Light. That’s quite a bit fewer than you had probably been expecting.

Speaking in a video posted yesterday, Digital Foundry lead Richard Leadbetter explained that he was given an insight into the manpower being put into the PS4 Pro versions at last week’s PlayStation Meeting, and was struck by the fact that some developers “don’t actually have a huge amount of resource tasked to getting the most out of PlayStation 4 Pro”.

“A direct example of this is the Sucker Punch inFamous demos,” he said. “They had First Light there, they’re also working on bringing Second Son to PS4 [Pro], and again those are using the checkerboard upscaling 4K technique.

“But the point is, they only have two guys working on those particular versions. It would require a huge amount of development resource to overhaul an engine designed for 30fps to suddenly work at 60fps when you’ve only got a couple of guys working on it. The easiest way forward is to simply use that GPU to scale up to a much higher resolution, to 4K. That’s kind of what we saw on inFamous.

“Days Gone as well,” he continued. “I don’t have first-hand on this but somebody at the event told me that there’s just one guy there working on the PS4 Pro version, which is quite remarkable bearing in mind how absolutely beautiful it looks.”

The minimal amount of staff working on each title could possibly mean one of two things: either PS4 Pro is incredibly easy to optimise for, requiring minimal effort from developers, or studios aren’t investing too many resources in optimising for the new hardware. I’m hoping it’s the former.

Both inFamous and Days Gone are being enhanced with 4K support for PS4 Pro, with inFamous also appearing to run at a higher frame-rate than the 30fps target of the original version.

Other games confirmed as being enhanced for PS4 Pro include Shadow of Mordor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Resident Evil 7, PES 2017 and more.

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Source: Digital Foundry