Once Human launches to ‘Mostly Negative’ Steam reviews, as server and technical issues run rampant

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UPDATE: Once Human developer Starry Studio has now released its multiple-character creation feature early following an outpouring of criticism and negative reviews from its community. However, it’s worth pointing out that the dev team had originally planned to release it in August “because the experience wasn’t up to snuff,” so there may still be a few issues with the current version.

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ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: Starry Studio’s long-awaited survival shooter Once Human is off to a less-than-ideal start following a launch that saw network problems for some and frustrating technical issues for others. Although server problems seem to have largely abated, that hasn’t stopped several frustrated players from criticizing the game’s quality and technical design. And, unsurprisingly, the wave of backlash has led to Once Human launching to ‘Mostly Negative’ reviews on Steam.

Most complaints on the Once Human Steam page predictably center on its disastrous character creation limitation. For those unfamiliar, the game only lets you create one character for now and also doesn’t let you delete characters. This means that you essentially get locked into a single server until August 2024, which is when the developers plan to introduce multiple-character support per account. And, since Once Human has PvP and PvE servers, you can only try out one of these experiences until the devs release the multi-character update.

However, character creation issues only scratch the surface of Once Human’s fundamental foibles. Many are also finding faults with the game’s basic design, as players list its lack of controller support on PC and absence of mouse invert as its biggest shortcomings. The latter, in particular, is surprising since mouse invert had previously been a feature during the game’s lengthy beta period. Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear what caused its removal since Starry Studio has yet to acknowledge these complaints.

With the number of negative reviews continuing to mount, though, the game’s dev team will likely address these problems sooner rather than later. To make the wait for these fixes slightly more bearable, why not check out our pages on all Once Human Twitch Drops rewards and how to get beta medals in Once Human? This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a few freebies before you even hop into the game.

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