EA COO Peter Moore has labelled the perceptions of on-disc DLC as "nonsense", and comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what the on-disc content actually contains.

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In an interview with GameSpot, Moore was asked about the slimming profit margins of triple-A games and the increased dependency on season passes.

"Triple-A games today have live elements to them, and things like season passes are a way of keeping people engaged.

"Season passes themselves are also a huge investment. Today we've got what used to be the size of a whole game development team, of about 40 or 50 people, working solely on the extra content."

Moore was then asked about the predominant resistance to what is believed to be 'obligatory' DLC plans.

"Well a lot of that resistance comes from the erroneous belief that somehow companies will ship a game incomplete, and then try to sell you stuff they have already made and held back. Nonsense."

Moore further expands upon this by explaining that the foundations for the DLC are what is in fact on the disc, rather than the actual content itself.

"You have to do that from a technical perspective. Think of them as APIs. Knowing down the road that something needs to sit on what you've already made, means you have to put some foundations down.

"What people are confused about is they think DLC is secretly on the disc, and that it's somehow unlocked when we say."

Source: GameSpot

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