OlliOlli World goes intergalactic in VOID Riders DLC launch trailer

OlliOlli World goes intergalactic in VOID Riders DLC launch trailer
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Roll7 has dropped the first expansion for OlliOlli World in the form of the VOID Riders DLC, out now.

The expansion sees a trio of intergalactic visitors to Radlandia. They’re intent on grabbing some skate specimens for their leader, Nebulord. Naturally, this means it’s your job to take on their challenges, ride in a new biome called the V.O.I.D. and show the visitors your skills.

Sunshine Valley, Cloverbrook and Burntrock are yours for the skating – but watch out for the abducted cows. You’ll also have to watch out for the new tractor beam mechanic, which will give your skater a new lift quite literally. Time your grab right, however, and you can ride the anti-gravity field and pull off even more impressive tricks than usual.

Of course, the expansion also comes with a multitude of new cosmetic items for your skater. Alien streetwear, new emotes and tricks are all included – and even a cow onesie, if you fancy it. You can check all this out in the launch trailer for the DLC below.

VOID Riders is the first of two expansions coming for OlliOlli World. Speaking of the original release, Josh offered up the following in his review.  “Where it shines, thank goodness, is in its ability to put you in that same brain-blurring state of flow as its predecessors; it feels—as this series always has, despite its fantasies—oddly faithful to the demands that skateboarding makes on the mind.”

OlliOlli World‘s VOID Riders DLC is available now. Developer Roll7’s also recently announced its next project: the Running Man inspired Rollerdrome.