Nowhere Prophet, a new digital dustpunk card title in development at Sharkbomb Studios, is coming to Steam this summer and will arrive on consoles early next year, publisher No More Robots has announced.

The game is set on the planet of Soma, which has been plunged into darkness following a complete technological shutdown event known as The Crash. As the Nowhere Prophet, you are tasked with leading your convoy to safety, which involves guiding them across deserts filled with all manner of hazards, including rogue gang and blood-thirsty creatures.

Nowhere Prophet marries a tactical battle board with card-based combat, although it attempts to humanise its followers via a unique deck-building mechanic. Leader Cards will give you access to special skills, allowing you to turn the tide of battle in your favour as you guide your followers across the battle board.

The game also gives you the chance to make key decisions outside of combat, which can potentially renew the hope of your disciples or zap the life out of them. There’s also procedurally generated maps to keep things fresh, plus 10 different convoys and four Prophet classes to hoover up.

Check out a trailer for Nowhere Prophet below for more details. Be sure to read Colm's review of Hypnospace Outlaw, also published by No More Robots, while you're at it.



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