A spokesperson for Nokia has shot down claims that the company has ceased support for its own gaming mobile, the N-Gage, amidst rampant online speculation - the company are apparently "completely committed."

Reports surfaced not too long ago that the Finnish company had plans to shut down a N-Gage R&D and production factory in Germany, leading many to assume the worst for the highly-ignored mobile/gaming system. The spokesperson said: "Nokia have no intention of shutting down the N-Gage - we are completely committed to the platform." They went on to say: "There's been so much money and effort poured into the system we're not going to pull out now."

Whilst many gamers may see this as flogging a (very) dead horse, most don't realise that the N-Gage has proven very popular in the field of downloadable Java games and has been on the receiving end of high praise from many Java-game companies.

With the upcoming release of Sega's long-awaited Pocket Kingdoms, N-Gage owners do have something to look forward to, even if them buying the game won't be reported by Chart-Track. The firm behind gaming charts recently decided to stop reporting N-Gage boxed game sales as there was a lack of interest in the format.

And yet, the N-Gage refuses to die.

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