Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata have rejected the idea for a 25th anniversary compilation of Zelda games packaged on a single Wii disk, as requested by the company's US wing.

The anniversary compilation would have come one year after Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition. However, a discussion translated from Nintendo's Japanese site revealed Miyamoto and Iwata turned down the idea as it did not fit the company's ethos to do the same thing for two consecutive years.

Nintendo will be instead celebrating Zelda's 25th year with a series of commemorative concerts, a free DSiWare download of the classic GBA title Four Swords, two CDs, and a limited edition gold Wii Remote.

Last time we saw a legitimate collection of Zelda titles was in 2003 when Nintendo released a bundle of Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask.

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