No Man's Sky's next update - 1.06 - is now in testing and scheduled to release this week, Hello Games has announced.

The patch will mean 90 per cent of crash issues reported at launch are resolved.

"If a PS4 crashes, it sends us a crash dump. Over the last week since the game came out we categorised and fixed these in order of priority," Tweeted the studio.

"This has been incredibly useful, and allows us to know exactly how many people are affected. Thank you.

"Patch 1.04 fixes 75% of crash issues for PS4 was released Friday. Patch 1.05 fixes 87% of crash issues for PS4 was released Sunday.

"Patch 1.06 fixes 90% of crash issues for PS4 is in testing and will release this week."

And Hello Games promises it won't stop until all the crash issues are fixed, though exactly how long this will take isn't known.

"We obviously won't stop until these issues are 100% resolved. Also these patches contain other fixes and improvements too. Thanks all," reads a tweet from the developer this morning.

Source: @hellogames

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